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Merry? Thanksgiving 2020

So today, if I’ve got my dates right, is Thanksgiving over in the US and Canada.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who Celebrate.

We don’t celebrate it over here,
However w do see it, since the world has gotten more interconnected and social media is covered in turkeys and tinsel.
and it makes you think, or it does me anyway.
aside from the historical aspects, one of the things about the holiday that always interests me is when someone posts one of those “reasons we are thankful.” Posts.
Given this year I’d say that’s more poignant than ever..

So not meaning to be disrespectful to anyone I swear

I came up with a very short list of Reasons I am thankful in 2020:

1. Well the first is obvious, after nearly 25 years I got to meet one of my heroes. Jason Carter. I was 11 when his first episode aired “Matter of Honour.” Is to this day still my favourite overall B5 episodes, and people can laugh at me all they want. I didn’t start conventions till 05/06 so I was beyond too late to have a chance to meet him, he didn’t act he didn’t even come to the uk anymore or so I was forever getting told. But I did it. March 2020 thanks to FCD I did it!

2. Goes without Saying. my friends Pack and Pack adjacent. As random and as spread out as it is, I can tell you without a word of a lie that sanity is based on being able to randomly poke one of them and go “have you ever considered If Peter and Chris ever fooled around?” (teen wolf reference)
From the far edges of my circles which is people I’d only talk to at cons suddenly want to talk. To the very internals of my personally selected back where people want to randomly talk about little blue alien experiments or.. strange fire based lizard loving actors. Wouldn’t be logical of my not to b thankful for them.

3. The CW *ducks flying pie*
Forgoing the recently.. ifyness of some decisions mind.
we don’t officially have the network over here, but we get most of the shows (read: WE WANT LEGACIES)  and currently their work makes up 3 out of 4 of my only still active favourite shows. Not Fandom’s mind, cos fandom’s never die. So I owe them a lot.

4. Convention organisers: (Read: Wales and Starfury)
In short. For keeping things going, keeping people looking forward to things. Even as bleak as it looks next year. They even got me attempting to be optimistic (currently.. 40% succeeding but still. It fluctuates)

i'll probably come back and add a 5th later, cos I don't lik leaving countdowns at 4, even if I hav to say something stupid. bt for now this is it.

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