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Audi, vide, tace, si tu vis vivere (in pace) - Aut viam inveniam aut faciam or - August in my verse

I don't know why I bother writing here, its not as though anyone actually reads my stuff. and most of my friends don't even know what Live Journal is anymore, but its an excuse to waffle and an excuse to cheer myself and so I keep it up.

What does death wear in Hollywood?
I'm not being morbid, but it just stuck me, that if the starts dress up for their big events, does Celeste dress up to lead them to their doors? or one of the other Deaths? they seems to be busy in Hollywood this year... this week alone Oscar nominated Actress Lauren Bacall passed over of a suspected stroke.
And earlier in the week Robin Williams left.

Annex - Bacall, Lauren_05Bat
So Hollywood loses another of its true Starlets.

and... well, I won't comment on Robbie Williams passing, as I have no real opinion.
the world at large seems to though and the questions surrounding one death has cause an uproar on the web, and the way that one of the deceased children has been treated by the media has a lot of web wanderers again questioning the humanity of Reporters and Journo's

En Darlig Lugt (A bad Smell)

This month seems to have been permiated by a bad smell, something akin to old undrinkable blood or rugby players used jock straps.
On two seperat occasions the pantu has reared her gorgon head, and on one of these occasions I denyed myself the confrontations because my Parabatai was present, and though I am thoroughly done, there are still demon spines in her left from what the pantu did.
some people don't know when they have been made, even the worst con artists knows when to quit a con, but she just keeps coming back.

It will be harder for her to stick her spines in now, she has (proving she has a little sense) returned the key to the Alpha and I had though removed herself from our verse for good. well, seems even i can still misjudge her.
no matter, it may sting my Parabatai a little, but she is in no position to harm us anymore, as I said at the start of this she is just a bad smell now.

Ave Atque Vale
In news closer home.. to my Pack, my friend and, for lack of a better term, goth Alpha lost her familiar today, Bonnie the Border Collie had been diagnosed with cancer and given till early June but survived to the 15th of August proving her sheer strength of will. she was with my friend for (if my memory serves) ten years. she will be well thought of and missed dearly.
This is how I will always remember her, the watcher at the top of the stairs, waiting for you to come and give her fuss, Or in my case waiting for me to fall over my feet up the stairs.

Ave Atque Vale Bonnie Antorobus

Lighter Note: I met another of the Ladies of Letters

"Ladies of Letters" for those who don't know is what I call the writers who have made verse, and they are all Women and high in my estimations so they became "ladies." when i talk about them.
In may I met Ms Cassandra Clare the lady of the Seraph bladed warriors known as Shadowhunters, and yesterday 14/8/14 I met Ms Gail Carriger the lady of the Parasol weilding Alexia Tarabotti's universe. I find it quiet Ironic that in one year and in reverse I've met the women that got me back into reading, I was flagging until Soulless caught my eye on a wander through my local Waterstones, then while looking for the Manga OF Souless, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare fell on my head, I hasten to add I meant that last statement quiet literally.

I'd missed her last visit to the UK for one reason or another, and despite a set of obstacles in my path I was determined not to miss this chance,


(Audi, vide, tace, si tu vis vivere (inpace) translates roughly as "hear, see, be silent if you wish to live (in peace)"
Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam translates roughly as I will either find a way or make one)

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