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bah humduck! all my friends are at Asylum 12 but me :(

Yeah i've got Hay next week, and am meeting the Consul and queen of the Shadowhunters Ms Cassandra Clare, but that doesn't stop me feeling really sucky.

I do have Conventions to consider and look forward to though, I'm not saying theres nothing but Asylums:

aeron_lanart messaged me yesterday, shes booked the room for Starfury Conventions: Invasion4 at the end of June, and the Line up is good, Felicia Day, Caity Lotz and Paul Blackthorne are the stand outs for me


a Detective who used to be a wizard (Paul Blackthorne), a Canary assassin (Caity Lotz), a Hunter living in Oz whose also a Guild preistess (felicia day)

let me explain: currently Paul Blackthorne and Caity Lotz star on CW's Comic Hero drama Arrow as Sara Lance (Ta-er al-Asfer/ the Canary) and Detective Quentin Lance,  the missing Lance from the onscreen family is Laurel played by Katie Cassidy, and its she who links them with another guest, as Katie was once a blonde haired bad ass demon called Ruby on CWs hit show Supernatural, where Felicia Day has had three regular apperances as Civi turned wanna-be hunter Charlie

This is the 4th Invasion and will be my first, all we need to do is get tickets sorted.

another June convention that I am looking at is Insurgence 6 by Rogue Events
at the moment, though there are 6 guests, only two have caught my eye, Paul Wesley and Michael Malarkey (only announced last night)


Paul Wesley as everybody knows is the broody 'good' brother of The Vampire Diaries Stefan Salvatore.
Michael joined in season 5 as... well, I call him a British Damon, he's cool, and soo not an attempt to replace Klaus like some have said.

my problem is the proximety of the two conventions to one another.

the bad and good thing about I6 about this con is it looks to be the last fully Vampire Diaries based convention in England as next year Wayne the organizer is looking to splice it with Grimm, which made me nearly die from the coolness of that idea. i love both shows.

August slight correction,

July sees the only convention I do have nailed down is Rogue Events Wolfsbane 2
Wolfsbane has the heighest number of Guests I wanna see that a con has had for a long time and I am not just talking this year, out of 8 there are 6, i mean: not only Daniel Sharman and JR Bourne but Ian Bohen, Holland Roden, Charlie and Max Carver

I don't know what to say about this convention except holly hell! and 86 days!
Teen Wolf has become our Shadowhunter fandom, two of its cast have now narrated audio books for Cassandra Clare, Daniel being one.
Holland has been in three of my favorite show, and is possibly the only decent female left in the show since Erica's passing.
JR... KRee! come on, do i really need to explain JR
Ian is a Hale! he's Peter Hale!.... and he was once Hercules

The Alpha twins are odd. their two actors who have moments i wanna cheer and moments I wanna strangle one or both of them.


with the twins Max and Charlie telling them apart as yo can tell, can be a bit sketchy, I try and remember Max plays Aidan whose with Lydia and Charlie plays Ethan whose with Danny (this is spoiler free so don't poke me with any spoilers)

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