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I think i've been neglecting my LJ, all i've posted recently are picspams and countdowns. so here is 2013 in a nutshell past and present

Misha CollinsMatt Cohen and Richard Speight JR
JR BourneTyler Hoechlin
I've already touched on how this year so far i've met some new favorite actors, and gone face to face with a man I waited 8yrs to meet (and wasn't disappointed.)
Wayne who organised both cons has since announced that next year Amanda Tapping will be attending one of his events, which If i manage to attend with complete the list of IMO the most important members of the SG1 cast (i have previously met Michael Shanks)

551180_498954916868134_454025301_nin the group for one of the conventions, Wolfsbane, through a discussion of my case of foot in mouth, I discovered that two attendees were fans of what I call my first real fandom (though i'll always be a B5 and Trekkie girl) The Tribe, and that one had, in a previous encarnation, been alongside me on The Tribes official board, as a name I recognised as well, proving that while the fandom family of any show may be large, as long as you Keep The Dream Alive your sure to find a Mall Rat somewhere.

KSAsleepJTin the 9th month of this year, I attended Serenity Forever a convention for Firefly, a show that; while I am a fan, I do not count up there in my top 10 fandoms, I am however a fan of two of its cast, and both attended this convention: Sean Maher the man behind the waistcoated well spoken Dr Simon Tam, my favorite of the Serenity Crew and recent star of Much a Do about nothing directed by Joss Whedon and Jewel Staite the beauty behind the the engineer Kaylee; who is also a Wraith and a Doctor in Stargate Atlantis and a Kitsune in Supernatural.
I haven't done a picspam as I usually would as I didn't take as many decent Images as i would have liked, but Joss Whedon came for a Dance and through this convention I met Captain Sheridan himself bruce boxleitner who was not scheduled to attend and had instead decided to visit with his friend Sean (the organiser of the convention) and had graciously agreed to sign autographs and copies of his new book for the Earthers and Anla'shok in residence.

93887AD564F7D3DCBE506412A3FA219Cafter Serenity Forever was Cant Stop The Serenity, where I once again walked out as Simon, CSTS is a showing of the Firefly film Serenity and an event built around it to raise money for Equality Now a charity picked by Joss himself.
aeron_lanart also attended as the CSTS in her area was cancelled due to clashing with Serenity Forever, along side Michelle, who reprised her role as the Kaylee to my Simon.
VoltaireAustralianPirateTourBannerATM I sit at the beggining of a rather empty month, the highlight of which if it comes off will be my 2nd trip this year to see New Yorks own proffesional goth Aurelio Voltaire better known as simply Voltaire, while I am still slightly shuddering from my last encounter with him, I will never pass up a chance to hear him live, and it is also an excuse to see some friends and do... SOMETHING in october.

November however brings with it a group of my favorite bands and performers in one weekend, Whitby Goth Weekend, which this year is aiming at a more modern crowd with the likes of FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) and William Control, while at the same time playing to its regulars with Alice Moving Under Skies and The March Violets, I can't say its their long awaited return to whitby as they played once when i wasn't there to see so i'd be lying :D
1952100_origWilliam-Control WIlliam and the FVK's were my draw to this weekend, I had been considering not attending and attempting to attend Asylum 11 to meet AJ Buckley from CSINY/SPN Ghostfacers, but William stands as my first and only well known favorite that I have gotten Aeron into, and I have yet to see the FVK's live so, well, two birds as they say.

300x300FVK's and William are on the official bill, both on the same day (thank the Angel) which gives me an opening to see AMUS who are playing the Resolution on Saturday

The+March+Violets+ScreenHunter_03+Jul+15+2104I  have been waiting to see The March Violets since they reformed, I will admit, when they were first around I was probably still singing Bob Dylan songs my mam had edited lol, but Rosie Garland is amazing in everything she does, and when Aeron showed me her work I knew I'd love the band, I have recently finally managed to order their first album since reforming and I wait with baited breath to see what they've written.

040412lost2946232_10151439444021711_1843741039_n (17) The weekend after Whitby is 4th annual Vampire Ball, and, while the exact details of how are still being decided, I have been planning this convention since this time last year, and thats no exageration,  and, though this year there is now handsome young Danish vampire: a Wolf shifter and a Mesmer (Kris Holden Ried and Paul Amos) from Lost Girl are attending, and that is more than enough for me :D
the location for the 4th Vampire Ball fills me with a cold dread, I have a bad history with the hotel, but I am praying to Raziel that that doesn't stop me, I want to ask Kris about his time on The Tudors and Paul about Murdoch Mysteries


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