February 21st, 2021

weeping blood

Aromantic Awareness Week 2021 : Talking points 1 and 1b - Flag and Discovery

Aromantic Awareness 2021 February 21st to February 27th
This will probably make no sense to anyone, but since I’ve got no prompts to fill or questions to answer this is what I’m doing.
“Some” people say you shouldn’t talk about these things, and should keep them behind closed doors, I say. Education and acceptance is more important than some stuck up tarts archaic idea of modesty...
but I do agree with moderation of information of course.
I‘ve a few talking points, I’m not going to say how many because it may be more than I originally start out with. , and as you all know I can go off on tangents.
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1b of this blog deals wth an important subject Discovery - basically its a ramble of an attempt to explain how I know I’m Aromantic Asexual
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