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#aromanticspectrumawarenessweek rant 2 I call it “emotions”, Squishes friends and Fandom.

Shorter than the last:
AS always there is a very good chance this is going to mean bugger all to anyone but me,. but I want to do it, so i'm doing it. so there :P
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Aromantic Awareness Week 2021 : Talking points 1 and 1b - Flag and Discovery

Aromantic Awareness 2021 February 21st to February 27th
This will probably make no sense to anyone, but since I’ve got no prompts to fill or questions to answer this is what I’m doing.
“Some” people say you shouldn’t talk about these things, and should keep them behind closed doors, I say. Education and acceptance is more important than some stuck up tarts archaic idea of modesty...
but I do agree with moderation of information of course.
I‘ve a few talking points, I’m not going to say how many because it may be more than I originally start out with. , and as you all know I can go off on tangents.
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1b of this blog deals wth an important subject Discovery - basically its a ramble of an attempt to explain how I know I’m Aromantic Asexual
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For the record! (regarding fandoms)

I know Shadowhunters and Teen Wolf are more or less the first things I talk about when talking fandom.
And apparently that has led to the consensus that I am either
Straight, plastic, a letch or completely vapid and brainless.

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Ave Atqua Vale 2020

Ave Atqua Vale
I hate that I start this section again this year in its own post.
double hate that I start with the loss of a friend.
and loath entirely the fact that I then have to add the death of a friend’s father..
and more loss in the fandom worlds.

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"nunc tamen intereā haec, prīscō quae mōre parentum
trādita sunt tristī mūnere ad īnferiās,
accipe frāternō multum mānantia flētū.
Atque in perpetuum, frāter, avē atque valē."
Catullus 101 -  Gaius Valerius Catullus

“I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” Bob Dylan. (2020 review 1/3)

Disclaimer: You won’t hear much about the virus in this.
I’m not a denier, I know the damage and destruction covid19 has caused and the death toll, therefore I am not yet cold enough not to realise this is going to sound completely selfish, but that is my decision.  My reviews focus on MY year.
 Just so you’re aware.

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2020 questionnaire

I wasn't originally going to do it this year, but then Heather did and I figured.. screw 2020 I'm not changing a tradition I can actually control. so here it is my 2020 review questionnaire
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Fundraiser post for an important Charity on my birthday (sort of)

Any of my friends wanting to do something for my for my birthday or Christmas,
and or just the generally Dog friendly and charity minded among you please read:
I would like to direct your attention to Lora's Luck, (Facebook:
A UK charity who are driven by a single goal:
To save, train and get dogs who've never known a home ready for their forever homes.
their main focus are the black dogs, who are so often overlooked at rescues and shelters.
as it says on their facebook
"One to one dog rescue, fostering and adoption- no kennels, no cages, no crowding while in foster-getting dogs from kill shelters who have never known a home safe off the kill lists, then vaccinated, fed, ready, trained and happy for their forever families."
I wanted to do one of those "for their birthday ____ is raising money for ___" but Facebook Won't let them register their documentation with them and I've also heard it said that they take a "percentage" of the money that is donated to charity through them.
so I am doing it this way:
please would you guys consider dropping a few quid their way, as it says on Lora's website Donations can be done by
or If you would like to get a gift for a dog or pup here's their Amazon Wish List
My timing could be better
I swear on the Angel that I am not meaning to be mean to or to take advantage of my friends who've lost their familiars this week.
this has been my plan for a while as I've mentioned before.
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Merry? Thanksgiving 2020

So today, if I’ve got my dates right, is Thanksgiving over in the US and Canada.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who Celebrate.

We don’t celebrate it over here,
However w do see it, since the world has gotten more interconnected and social media is covered in turkeys and tinsel.
and it makes you think, or it does me anyway.
aside from the historical aspects, one of the things about the holiday that always interests me is when someone posts one of those “reasons we are thankful.” Posts.
Given this year I’d say that’s more poignant than ever..

So not meaning to be disrespectful to anyone I swear

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