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Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi (2016 review)
Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi - As a old net withers another is remade
<every year I seem to pick a tag line but never explain it. this year i figured i'd add the translation>

might come off a bit analitical this year. just not been in the mood to write (then again, i said that last year and it came off ok)

Ok so, first and foremost I AM A TRIBE FAN, AND I WENT TO THE MALL!
Ii will get round to writing up and posting that review one day i swear.
it just had to be said.

lets start with events:
Bem Aaronovich signing  - 02/11

this is a bit of a twofer. a meeting with a favourite writer and a reunion with an old fave city.
After missing my chance to meet him in London earlier in the year I swore I wasn't going to miss my chance when he came all the way to Sheffield, It was the first time i'd been to the centre of the city for anything since the days of the UK Chosen, been to a Shop on the outskirts and Meadowhall loads of times. but not had a reason to go further. anyway and after stepping off the train in front of HMV I didn't look at my map once, something told me I'd know the way and when I looked up again I was facing an old courtyard of shops I'd not seen in years, but it was all there. and Ben was to be signing at the Waterstones that had been the answer to and cause of some of my stranger reading happing during High School.

I got to ask him about the "famous place Purley, know what I mean?" line which had for some unknown reason been bugging me since book 1. and he said it was a Monty Python reference and that he was limited to two a book.

pcw featuring Cody Rhodes 17/12
I've been out of the loop of the wrestling world for a good long time. but one person I did try and keep up with was Cody Rhodes (then Stardust) so when he was 'released from his contract' and decided to visit the UK and wrestle his way around, I was very interested. even more so when he signed to appear in Bradford, West Yorkshire on my birthday, It was also good that the company was one Heather was familiar with, so we decided to attend, then it was announced that Cody would be wrestling one of Heathers friends who goes under the name Bubblegum
combined with introducing my Parabatai to the Leeds Bradford Starfleet group (which I think went rather well i hasten to add) the day went ok.

when it came time to cue up for the event there was a bit of an issue as the location (although stated) did not have a visible front door.

So when we got in, we found a decent vantage point i think, near the DJ and enjoyed the show. Heather had other friends wrestling and I took an interest in messing with Joey, although we think he mistook us calling at him for a girl we were stood with who had purple hair and stood out a bit more.

in the Interval we lined up to have our pictures taken with Cody and I finally got to step through a wrestling ring. I did it badly because the thing they were using as stairs was unbalanced, and once my balance is thrown my head compensates by guessing the following steps (usually giving me the 'your gonna fall' flag) and like a self fulfilling prophecy I do. but I caught myself and got under only to find Cody had seen my trip and was holding the ropes. he was a real gent. and when i decided to go under the bottom rope on the way out (as i recalled V1 doing a few times) rather than the middle i think he was impressed. but he turned to help Heather.

the bad thing (though Heather found it a hoot) was that the crowd decided to turn Cody and Ryback (another guest) into well known christmas carols. and kept cheering "fuck him up." which is not a normal chant. I added to the oddness by cheering for cody in a slipping accent between English and Bon Temp with "kick his ass Cody."
Bubblegum (also known as Pip) Is a nice guy and It did feel weird cheering for him to lose. but I as always had Heather at my side as balance, and in the end they shook hands. Cody even spoke about the Chris Travis charity shirts he'd put his name to using represent after his fathers death.
at the end of the event we went to talk to Bubblegums girlfriend (and got a few mins with the man himself before he had to go back stage) and Heather caught Cody's attention and told him it was my brithday, he seemed rather suprised i'd spent it there, but I told him plainly "you are the reason mate."

not so failed stage door feat Kit Harrington june 7th ish:
DC fancast is where sky show a randomly selected audience eps from that week and ask half of them what they think while the other half cheer like canned laughter at things the presenter and a special guest from one of the DC shows says, ofcourse I didn't know this at the time, and the whole thing was a headache. especially for Heather and me.
The good part of the few days was meeting up with fellow Yorksherian Adam and his friend Luke, the plan was to attempt to meet Alfie Allen (Adam and Luke wanted to meet Jesse Eisenberg) back stage of his play just off St James Park, we picked however, the one night the play wasn't on and so we went up the street to try and catch a glimpse of Kit Harrington (Alfie's fellow GOT actor) who was in a play there, all but 1 of us came away with Kits autograph, though only Heather got a Selfie with him. ah the curse of being cute and smiley lol

as always small in number but big in style, heres a few of this years gigs

Aiden farewell gig jan 20th
William had announced the previous year that he was taking a year off being "William control." to revert to his former alter ego of Will Francis lead singer of Aiden for one last tour. I almost didn't make it. but in the end Gareth got us tickets (f.a.i.r)
how can i describe my first and potentially last Aiden gig? Will had his old paint on and i felt bad having not felt up to going full crow eyes...songs old and new, and a threat of playing the entire convictions album which didn't seem to go down well, and... I can't descrbe it. i'd been waiting to see them for years. so many chances lost to varying regrettable decisions, and to catch them on what Will said was their last tour together... i'll never regret it, even taking a mundie like Gareth

Gareth is probably the only person in my own area I hang out with anymore (Kerry and Adam both being South Yorkshirean) and I have to say he is a little Jessamine like at times but he is probably... no, most likely the only decent mundie I can say I have yet known
I guess, you could call him like my own personal Simon. only gay.

William Control - 10/7
The only band/singer i've seen more than William is probably Blue Gillespie, and I don't regret either.

William is on form every time.
but this time was different, an acoustic set. it was a mix of his own songs and songs by people he admired.
Ally, Heather and myself were joined by our disreputable demoness Michelle who had fallen for Williams whipping haus charms at Whitby a year or so ago. I almost felt like the newbie however when the majority of the songs William did that I did not recognise - they did. and attributed it to either my regionality or my age never the less it was an amazing set. and William seemed to think it a success.
upon leaving the gig we were heading back to the cars when we spied a fish and chip shop we'd not seen before and decided it was as good an excuse as any to stay out a bit longer.
now. Ally and Michelle are rather blue minded while me and heather, though we can sometimes go that path, tend not to indulge that side, Heather reaction is often to blush or giggle whereas i just scowl or attempt some spock like eyeraise. we can't remember exactly how the conversation came to pass (i blame michelle) but one of the lads who worked in the chip shop seemed to find Heathers reaction to some of his camp blue suggestions irresistable, like lord akeldama with sparkly things. i asked heather if she said she could remember any of the lines, and she said it had something to do with the size of a sausage she'd ordered.



a big part of my year normally is my Cons and this year is no exception even with the New Zealand trip, Conventions this year were all over the fandom map for me, from Westeros to Central City.

But I think the key this year isn't which I did rather than who I met as 2 happened outside conventions.

In april I went to New Zealand and I was nervous as hell as it was to be the longest flight i'd ever been on.
we (my mother and me) were in a cafe in the airport waiting for my cousin to arrive, my mother has a walking aid which she'd had to park beside the table, its short enough to not bee seen if you have anything infront of you like a tray. so we're their having a drink and someone walks into it and apologised like they'd bumped into her personally, but they spoke so soft she didn't hear them, I only glanced up long enough to say it was ok and the guy walked past me, i caught his side profile and a (this will sound lame) movement of his hair, a bounce almost, it wasn't till we were getting up that i looked up and caught him looking at my mam what i would call sheepishly, I swore I knew him it bugged me till we were a few inches away then hit me like a freight train. i made my mam sit on a wall and went back. I didn't ask for his auto or anything, its just not done when someones in an airport eating. but I did speak
"Excuse me, Your Arthur Darville right?" he looked shocked I'd known his name (something i'm told he even does at conventions) he nodded, now, supicion proved my brain decided to have a rest as my next line was "your killing it in legends of tomorrow." not the stupidest thing i've ever said to a favorite actor but its certainly up there. he smiled and said thank you and i went back to my mam, who swears if i wasn't fat i'd have skipped which i totally deny as even if I was lighter its not my style
meeting him did chill me out a bit -though I think Zoe and my mam both wanted to kill me for how much I talked about him.

{recently i found out I get a chance to thank him for chilling me out, because hes at Em in april.}

same trip I managed to convince my mother and cousin into going to see one of The Tribe actors Vanessa Stacey (Alice) perform with one of her bands at the Havana club while we were in Wellington -  she is an amazing singer and a really friendly person. she said "heya cutie." and I almost died on the spot I swear to zoot.
I asked her about working on the Tribe and working in the UK afterwards and she told me she was currently in the recording studio.
I did try to utilise my relatively passable camera ability but the great one was against me (among other things) and I got some decent shots. but the video is not to hot.

I am peeved I missed my chance that same trip to meet Raymond Thompson, I saw after we'd left Wellington for Auckland that he'd been in the city and met some German fans, but you can't win em all :D


7 this year if i miss my count. probably because theres No Wales Comic Con Spring or Winter due to NZ and Whitby.
2 Rogue 2 Starfury plus Em con, Liverpool MCM, and my very first LFCC

Faebles 3 began the year, we won best group cosplay for a Tudors inspired number with Jackie,
Made Kris smile when we presented him with sweets using his Tudors line "say yes." after he only that day mentioned that Liquorice (which Pontefract is famed for) doesn't agree with him, and the basis of my idea with the sweets had come from him knowing where Pontefract was and wanting to show a bit of Historical knowledge. turned into "here have a tone of Haribo" as we mixed the Pontefract cakes in with other stuff.

I met a fellow Yorksherian turned victorian Inspector in Thomas Craig (and gave him a white rose pin) and re-met a Kiwi Elif in Craig Parker (who told me he'd once worked for Raymond Thompson) at MCM Liverpool

I broke out a retro cosplay for Em con and despite drawing runes I went as a Psy-cop without gloves to meet Mr Bester (who didn't recognise what I was) and got to shake hands with the original Red Ranger Austin St John too (my main draw)

COH and May saw the final death of Murdina mark 1 which did not come at a good time if there was ever a good time to lose a graduation present. I met Robbie Amell and Danielle Panabaker, and got another 'love the t-shirt' from Colton Haynes.

Ultimates was probably the three day of the year for me. although based in Blackpool and with us not staying at the con hotel it gave me a chance to meet the mother confessor Kahlan Amnell (no relation to Amell) in Bridget Regan and to knock shoulders with the Gaul turned Warlock in Manu Bennett, who liked our questions on languages and seemed to dig the Haka top i'd brought Heather back from Auckland :D (see review)

My first LFCC really began a few days before when, while pleading with the drowned god not to let me choke, Heather and I tried one last time to meet Alfie Allen, who, after originally saying he didn't do selfies looked around conspiratorially before calling me back to his side, i look goofy clutching at my octopus necklace but i really didn't know how else to stand, i'm not a vet of the stage door dance.

LFCC saw me dressed as Reverb and Heather as Emma Carstairs, and while it was odd being solitary charectars I think we did them justice, though i'm determined to get a better wig.
I got to meet Gemma Whelan for the second time and have a photo with her, unlike her onscreen brother I had a plan and had brought with me (very un Reverb like) the Greyjoy flag.
we went to see Natalia Tena and Heather finally got her wish to have her picture with Tonks. we had originally intended to bring banners declaring how dog food was too quick an end for Ramsay but it didn't work that way.
I am a Greyjoy at heart nmw. but the meet of the Day that day was when Heather and I had our photographs taken with Jason David Frank (Tommy, Power Rangers) I look like a goof in his sped up photoshoot video because i got called back but it was five minutes i'll never forget.

The Final Wolfsbane (officially final this time we think) closed my convention year.
after falling for Daredevil the 2nd time round I found that if I stripped back my Simon Tam cosplay a little I could pass for Matt Murdoch, which Gideon Emery (Deucalion) seemed to dig, he even recognised me for it when I'd changed back into 'normal' clothes. it was weird without JR there, but was an awesome end to an awesome set of cons (see review)


in the realm of Fandoms:
I was a little lacking in shows this year, so many have either gone awry or decided to end, so after a little searching around i heard through friends on twitter about Wynonna Earp which on the surface sounded a bit like a female supernatural..and kinda is. but it isn't at the same time. its an awesome fem led kick ass show.

around the same time I decided to give another show a go thanks to friends on twitter and now can officially say I am hooked on Killjoys.
Shadowhunters did amazingly. so well that It was the first of my three fave shows this year to get their seasons renewed (along with Wynonna and Killjoys) I missed a chance to meet Dominic, when he came back to London with Cassandra for the release of her book Lady Midnight as I was in New Zealand but I have my fingers crossed he'll venture over here to show Kat and Isaiah around during Forsaken next year.
This year I started going to LSBF meets more regularly (i'd attended one prior to the Leeds FAB cafe closing) and can now boast that I am official a certificate holding Junior Esign assigned to the Diplomatic core of the USS Appleton.

its sat to say that in my normally buzzing New Bands section theres not much to report i'm afraid. nothings really grabbed me this year, though thanks to Suicide Squad the movie I am keeping my eye on a band called Twenty one pilots. their drummer seems to have an Angelic Rune tattoo which only adds to their potential coolness rating


As far back as I can remember and anyone else can since i can't always rely on my own memory. I have always had long hair. and for as long as i can remember i've always considered cutting it, but been scared since my hair doesn't grow properly for some medical reasonage or other, and because I had on several occasions been told that fat people don't look good with short hair, specially as big as me. anyway. this year I have been after something drastic to do, something to shake up my look and so I did it. using Dimitri Belikov as a template (though it went a bit shorter than his i think) I got my hair cut on the eve of my 32nd birthday :D

so far next year holds about 5 tasty looking UK cons 2 tasty looking euro cons. 5 bands have already announced tour/gig dates (four of which I know I can't do) and a lot of my favorite shows coming back with new series.
Sadly it will spell the end for Grimm but it was going to happen sooner or later. and I will always love the show as I do the countless others who have bowed out over the years.


There are two sections missing from the review: Ave Atqua Vale and ffrindiau -
 this year both have their own post. one is up and one is a wip. 




 And thats my review. took me longer than usual


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