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Wolfsbane 4
weeping blood

My Wolfsbane4 rundown. when I should be working on my pictures or jobsearching :D but everyone else was posting and it got me itching to write despite a bit of a block so I apologise for if this is just typing diarrhea

we got to be groups A and B and even registered before the upgrades, the cues were speedy and efficiant which got us a little worried later in the weekend lol

but tbh when asked about the weekend the first thing that springs to mind is that after the quiz on the friday I went to retrive one of my two party favours only to find that the Vodka Bears i'd attempted had gone the way of the wicked witch of the west. so my table was treated instead to a tub of haribo halloween treats and a glass of liquified vodka bears, it got mostly finished, but i couldn't touch it as some how it tasted more of vodka than when it was just pure vodka in a bottle.

Same night, DJ Jenni made me the happies little gothic-geek: she'd been playing RATM Killing in the name of for a while, and when I was a baby goth the song was always followed by another, and i'd been requesting it for ages, but that night (friday) as one of the last songs of the night it happened. I finally after quiet some years finally got to have an old skool "down with the sickness mosh" at a con :D which she followed up by a song i think i know have following me round cons and can clear a dance floor of all but three people in seconds (less i drag someone up) Renegade by Styx

Jenni tested out a new con dance, not sure how it went.

we went to bed about 3 but were up intime to cue for our photos intime. I had been dreaming up the perfect pose since the last time Ian had been at a con and he loved it, even adjusting his "claws" so they didn't brush my scar on the back of my neck, not that it'd have actually hurt me, the damn things numb most of the time. but the frelling photographer! didn't give me time to move, and my hands are infront of my chest in a rest while Ian moved so I didn't look like i was after something i wasn't, my heads too far down so my goiters showing, I envy nat who got a redo when she didn't like hers. i got chivvied along.


we went to change for our next photos (the only cosplay we did all weeekend) Heather was a makeshift Supergirl using a pixie skirt instead of leather (for a picture with Tyler) and shortly after finishing season 2 and the announcement of Gideons attendance at the convention I had discovered I could be a passable Matt Murdoch (DD) if I put my Simon cosplay on and simply removed the waistcoat. we cued up and I stepped up beside GIdeon who examined my outfit "you've got the tie, you've got the glasses." which I took to mean he was impressed.

after changing back into 'normal' clothes which at wolfsbane for me meant my Proud to be a member of Dereks pack top we went to the bar and met up with Adam and Luke in the bar, when Heather went for her photo with Stephen through my own mild and Lori's abject dislike of Scott McCall and his alter we joined her and Nat and chatted, a few others who came and went but we spent the majority of the day in the bar discussing various fandoms and berating adam for his Scott preference. we decided to do the talks the next day so we had something both days as the schedule was set up so you could (were you a decent letter) do everything in one day

Lori and me recalled how we had actually spoken properly for the first time at the Ren at the first Wolfsbane and how it had been due to Scott dislike and my Derek pack top. Lori then remarked that we had met all Dereks Beta's "only took us four years.".

one of the stewards we'd been talking to turned out to be a Shadowhunter fan, a theme i'd been seeing around the con in one form or another, now, i know its the show to thank but i love how the fandoms gone from seeing two other people as well as myselft and heather sporting runes at WB1 to seeing something Malec, Rune, or generally Shadowhunter related nearly around every corner at the con at wb4. after getting the link of the woman who made the steward malec bag we went into autos.

In auto's I only wanted to get Gideons and Ians for myself and had agreed to get Tylers for Rosie, as back around wolfsbane 1 she'd gotten me Daniels and he and Tyler had talked her into watching the show, so i'd vicariously  had a hand in helping her get roped her into the fandom.

I gave Tyler, Stephen, Gideon and Ian, bags of haribo from a halloween tub i'd randomly thought was a good idea to bring. and out of all of them it was the English actor Gideon who didn't know what Haribo was., he recognised me as Matt-wanna-be and Tyler said it was good to see me smiling, which made me laugh sort off because my second time meeting him i'd been ready to punch someone (though I swear my first i wasnt in a mood because i'd just spoken to JR and was getting everyone to sign a birthday card for Heather)

we went back to our room to get changed and have a little down time, but i've never been very good at doing nothing during a con so we ended up back in the bar with everyone, Karma got me I guess... as during a random game of "would you rather." I was turned on for my admiration of Stephen Amell.

In the party me and Heather diluted the complimentary water with lolipops and danced and wrote in my con  notebook, all pretty standard faer for a con party.  till something wierd happened, i can't remember the song, but I was on the floor on my own (not litrally, but heather was sat down) and Wayne ran in carrying one of the other staff guys in a fireman carry, now thats odd, but not wierd per say - if it had been someone else doing the carrying. mad antics at a con is encouraged by all. but WAYNE was joining in the antics and... he was smiling!!!! it freaked me out like the time JR had quoted Daniel back at wb3. Heather was so freaked out she crossed herself. he came back in and then Jenni told us "that guy in the black is barred." which was Wayne,

the night carried on normally then, me, Kai, Heather and Chloe discussed feeling decidedly old when we had to lead Star Trekkin (scott had has well but wandered back to his table after)

at the end of the night I thought everyone would just wander off to their rooms or Maccys or something but Jenni told people not to leave because there would be a Last Man Standing photo, i'd tried this before but there'd always just been my and Heather, Aerons little group, Harry and co and Lori and co, never enough for a full proper go. but Jenni said there was this time. and I voulenteered to take it. -------now I have since come up with several things i could have done differently, and curse the traffic light thing the cons use to Stovokor and back. but I know the old addage "a bad workman." and I pride myself on good photography, and this wasn't it. i swore to Raziel and anyone else that if given the opertuinty again i would rectify my attempt. but the others like it (despite everyones faces being out of focus or blurred)

Sunday was a lazy start, no photos meant we spent the morning watching bloopers and talking Shadowhunters with people in the room where the talks were to be, I walked out and went wandering when they decided to reply a 20 questions style thing they'd recorded with the guests from wb1.

Flash was playing compere(sp?) (announcer) and was his usual self with archaic humour but it wouldn't have been Wolfsbane without him tbh

First talk was Stephen, Adam and Cory. Stephen was one of my 4 reasons for attending the con and hadn't been feeling his best all weekend but it was good to see him.
I told him he'd lasted long as the fans from wb1 to now (which we were cautiously not saying was supposedly the last)
my actuall question was if he'd considered trying out for Shadowhunters as he'd told us at WB1 that he'd tried out for the Movie, he' said he'd be up for it and that he was friends with the main girl though he didn't know her name so he decided friends wasn't the right term, should have known there were more fans in the room then because the words "Kat" and "clary" came from more than just the Downworlders I knew.

despite being unsure of him to begin with I decided that I was interested in Cory (like i had with Stephen back at WB1) and am going to look up more of his work.

it turned out that for a lot of the talk Ian Bohen had been lurking at the table Aeron had been at the previous night - for his turn he sauntered up to the stage all eyes on him. he attempted to face time both JR and Daniel Sharman decided Daniel would be less likely to yell at him over the time (being originally English) but neither answered, This gave me the kick i'd been after. now  i've asked him all the stuff I could think of about Xena, if he'd be in the reboot if they asked, if he'd take Kevins Smiths place and wether he thought he could do him justice, about his memories of working with and of Kevin Smith (the greatest Ares ever even including Daniel S who was a good  young Ares) so i'd not really got anything to ask. but thinking of the hole JR's abscense left hanging at Ians side i decided to go ahead with an idea wether it was past due or not. and suggested to Ian that as the 'real' Alpha he lead the room in #howl4acure a project to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, he loved the idea, and so did the crowd and it was a good howl, if it did hurt my throat (which was already bad from singing the night before lol)

Gage and Shelly were next, Shelly was late onstage but Gage held court like the queen she is, they talked books and food and fights, and I got the idea to ask if they'd prefer to be half demon, half angel or half warlock, Shelly said Warlock and waved her Warlock sleeves, Gage said demon which gave me shadowhunter diahrea again and I asked Gage if I could reccomend the Infernal Devices series (which got a cheer) and that she'd make an amazing Tessa grey (which got a louder cheer) she told me to tweet her, and before I sat down I saw so many people pull out their phones it gave me good prickles

Gideon and Ryan came next, Ryan was late. I asked Gideon about learning Russian, he said he already knew a little and had played other Russians and that the lad who played his brother was Russian decent and they'd worked on lines together, I told him i'd been writing a russian charectar and been told never to call a Russian an idiot because what it meant was indecorous(sp?) he nodded and i sat, i was leaving to stretch my legs (as much as I love Gideon I don't like sitting still) when someone asked him and ryan to do lines from their charectars in other accents, Gideon said that changing accents and languages can change the meaning. and after changing Ducelions lines into an english accent he apparently took on a Yorkshire/northern one. me and Heather pondered if this could be due to me asking a question first,

I left to find what Lori and others were doing as they'd not been in the talks and was talking to them when Gage came out of her photoshoot - i asked the staff around her if I could say something and told her that she had been tweeted by a LOT of people about TID and Tessa, and showed her a picture of Ms Gray from the Tarot cards on my phone, she loved it, thought she was beautiful and hugged me and those around me.

I returned to the talks and was just getting my phone out to test the battery when Heather told Gideon that I'd played her his album and what if any songs would he like to record, seems he's a jazz/lounge guy even outside films which was why he made the album. he gave us a rendition of a song, now, i may or may not have caught anything but clapping but testing my camera caused one of the tech staff (i think) to get on stage and scold everyone about recording after Ryan and Gideon had walked off stage. in the break I went over and told him what i'd been doing and he said he 'knew it wasnt me recordin' but i'm not sure. you can never really tell intent in a scottish accent unless its over one way or the other.

The last talk of the weekend was the man himself Tyler Hoechlin. he was asked about Superman ofcourse and I asked him about learning to fly, apparently its an experience and the harness is quick, and he hopes it looks right on screen. he joked Superman would take Derek under his wing to try and help a lost boy but after telling him flat out theres no way even Derek could beat him.
I again suggested to an alpha about the Howl4acure and he said it'd be better in the closing ceremony.

all the guests came back on stage thanked everyone, GIdeon took a selfie and Ian and Stephen both said "IF this is the end." and the con ended with a howl (after someone <Me included> reminded Tyler)

Heather looked like she was going to cry, so did Emma, and everyone milled about saying their SYL's to people and I cornered Harry finally to say hi and bye.

“There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.” Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Everyones going on about how: they've been crying or sad or emotional about the end of Wolfsbane (if it really is the end) and the end of the convention this weekend in general but I'm begining to think i'm getting a bit too long in the tooth where conventions are concered to actually react, i mean, sometimes I wish I did, wish i could go all emo or something, but I know my asthetics and the logic of the situation and I've not let it happen since the very first uk con i'll admit ti (hub 2) and there are a few in the Wolfsbane 4 pack (two i can count) who can vouch for me there.

That said this weekend was no less awesome because I don't gush or cry. It was an honour to once again annoy Kai, Hunter, Scott, Emma, Harry and co with my Daemon of candid camera antics.

I have met some amazing people throughout these four years. reconnected with two friends, one I'd not seen since 2009 and Wolfsbane has at various times reaffirmed in my head, the truth of Parabatai.

Pack is for good ladies and gentleman. and though this may very well be the final howl (and we ended on one which I'm glad of) we did four years together and we will always have that! wether or not we go on from here is upto the fates

“But to die as lovers may - to die together, so that they may live together.” J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla
though I am not as outwardly devistated by the prospect of no more wolfsbanes. this does not mean that I do not believe whole heartedly that we need a #wolfsbane5 for our health

wolfsbane 4 pictures can be found on my facebook and I am considering waking up my flickr and making an album


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