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City of Heroes 2

I don't have my usual picspam capabilities as my camera decided to die mid talk.
I had a few personal set backs money and technology wise but other than that I think i'm an anomily this time round as despite the cueing nearly killing my bad leg I had a brilliant time

I'm not going to get into everyones moaning and complaining about the con, other peoples issues are their issues, but it is not cool to pass those issues onto the guests, there have been incidents where guests have decided (because of being tweeted by fans as well as other things) to refuse future offers of attending 3 day cons in the UK and i'm guessing other countries too.

it was a big con, Rogue are trying out new set ups, and there were a tone of newbies, and people expect everything to run perfect. on what planet exactly would that happen?

its like... if you live in a big city, theres no point complaining that its a big city.

ooh and my photoshoots are awesome! but theres not enough diskspace to show them


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