Forsaken - UK's first Shadowhunters convention.

Countdown to Forsaken!
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There may be stuff before it: like Em con, Wales comic con and a Counterfeit Gig which are all bally important to me.
but this year is all directed at one event - Rogue Forsaken - a Shadowhunter convention

So far the guests are:
the resident Werewolf Alpha Luke Garroway (formerly Lucian Greymark) played by Isaiah Mustafa.
and Clary Fray (Fairchild) herself Kat McNamara

In the US Shadowhunters Season 2 starts tonight, and (I think) we get it either tomorrow or Wednesday via Netflix. so its the perfect time to officially start the countdown

AAV updated: 4 days before the end of the year
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Richard Adams 1920-2016

Liz Smith 1921-2016

Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers; Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.

Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi (2016 review)
Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi - As a old net withers another is remade
<every year I seem to pick a tag line but never explain it. this year i figured i'd add the translation>

might come off a bit analitical this year. just not been in the mood to write (then again, i said that last year and it came off ok)

Ok so, first and foremost I AM A TRIBE FAN, AND I WENT TO THE MALL!
Ii will get round to writing up and posting that review one day i swear.
it just had to be said.

so anyway. 2016Collapse )

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 And thats my review. took me longer than usual

Drist I FFarwelio/ pouri ki te mea poroporoaki:
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Drist I FFarwelio/ pouri ki te mea poroporoaki:

When Rik Mayall gave us all the farewell one finger I started adding a section to my review of those who have passed this year but this year has been harsh for a few fandoms. and bandoms. taking some greats beyond the veil.
I like lists normally. but not this one. I had to make a whole other section because this year just called for it.

With a White Arm Band and the mourning rune at my side I say AVE ATQUA VALE to those who will not see the sunset on December 31st
Peter Vaughan
he played  Maester Aemon the last survivng Targaryen in the seven kingdoms in Game of Thrones. among his long list of career highlights. died age 93
Ron Glass
most noted in the geekverse for playing Fireflys preacher Sheppard Book. died age 74

Gene Wilder
the original Willy Wonka - died age 83  he will forever be the 'wonderous boat ride reader' to me,

"Which direction we are going.
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing.
Is it raining?
Is it snowing?
Is a hurricane a blowing?

Not a speck of light is showing
so the danger must be growing.
Are the fires of hell a glowing?
Is the grisly reaper mowing?
Yes! The danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing.
And they're certainly not showing
any signs that they are slowing!"

Anton Yelchin
"I Can Do Zat!" will go down in Star Trek history alongside "i'm a doctor not a florist." and "i canna do it captain." because of this Russian born actor. who was only 27 when he passed

and just to prove even death needs laughs, Celeste or one of her kind took one of the greatest female comedians and writers of our time Victoria wood. age 62

Alan Rickman.
a man who with a voice like a groaning violin made none alts want to like a greasy loathsome wierdo with social issues (Snape obv) just one of his many memorable roles in an amazing career,  Died age 69

David Bowie
It wouldn't be right of me to wrte this and not mark the passing of
The Goblin King himself,
who left ups for upside down staircases and hedgerow paths unknown age 69

2016 questonnaire
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2016 review questionnaireCollapse )

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Out with the Old and in with the new May the waining time be good to you. - 00:03 Samhain 30/10/16

Wolfsbane 4
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My Wolfsbane4 rundown. when I should be working on my pictures or jobsearching :D but everyone else was posting and it got me itching to write despite a bit of a block so I apologise for if this is just typing diarrhea

wolfsbane4Collapse )

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though I am not as outwardly devistated by the prospect of no more wolfsbanes. this does not mean that I do not believe whole heartedly that we need a #wolfsbane5 for our health

wolfsbane 4 pictures can be found on my facebook and I am considering waking up my flickr and making an album

Starfury Conventions presents: The Ultimates June 11-13 2016

Taking place in Blackpool Ultimates was an usual con from the outset.
in the not so distant (but before my time) past Starfury had held conventions in Blackpool before the move to bigger venues in London and Birmingham, but this was the first in my time.

for the sake of Money and aeron_lanarts dog it was decided myself and Heather would crash in Liverpool at hers and travel in, meant some things wouldn't be possible that are part of our usual routine but it was as i have said better for the cashflow.

so - a Blackpool conCollapse )

City of Heroes 2

I don't have my usual picspam capabilities as my camera decided to die mid talk.
I had a few personal set backs money and technology wise but other than that I think i'm an anomily this time round as despite the cueing nearly killing my bad leg I had a brilliant time

I'm not going to get into everyones moaning and complaining about the con, other peoples issues are their issues, but it is not cool to pass those issues onto the guests, there have been incidents where guests have decided (because of being tweeted by fans as well as other things) to refuse future offers of attending 3 day cons in the UK and i'm guessing other countries too.

it was a big con, Rogue are trying out new set ups, and there were a tone of newbies, and people expect everything to run perfect. on what planet exactly would that happen?

its like... if you live in a big city, theres no point complaining that its a big city.

ooh and my photoshoots are awesome! but theres not enough diskspace to show them


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